Resole mens shoes and womens Shoe Resoling Explained

Mens or women's shoes that are built in a specific way will be resoleable, which means we can replace the outsole on the shoe.

We love to resole shoes, as it is the pinnacle of our services, allowing us to completely deconstruct the current outsole and replace it with a brand new one in a variety of exciting colours and shapes.

The types of shoes we resole include high heels, boots, sandals (Birkenstock) slippers formal dress shoes and leather soled shoes.

When Should I Resole My Shoes?

When your soles get worn down too far and start to cause balance and walking problems, it may be time to resole your shoes. However, not all shoes are resoleable, it really depends on the original construction.

As a rule of thumb, if they're leather boots with a rubber or leather sole, chances are they can be resoled.

Goodyear welted and blake stitched shoes can be resoled, and we have the equipment to add a midsole and stitch through it. This will ensure a proper hold once the new sole is affixed.

What Does It Cost to Resole My Shoes?

Our resoling services begin at $120 and can be as high as $500 per pair

The cost for resoling your shoes really depends on the material and labour costs involved with your custom shoe repair order. You can use the form below to request a quote for your shoe repair resoling needs.

Can You Resole Louboutins?

Yes we can resole your Christian Louboutin shoes with a matching red bottom Vibram sole.

For more information on resoling the infamous Christian Laboutin shoes, please visit this page where we show you examples of this service.

Can You Resole With Vibram Outsoles?

Yes we offer a wide range of Vibram branded outsoles, please contact us to find out what shapes and colours we have available.

Vibram outsoles are usually in stock in black, and we can order a special style for you if you come in and chat with us.


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Resole shoes with Vibrams
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Shoe Repair Apprenticing

If you're interested in becoming a cobbler or learning the art of shoe repair,
please contact us using the form below and we'll get in touch.

Brands We Love

Some of the brands we love to resole

We love to resole Role Club shoes
We love to resole Allen Edmonds shoes
We love to resole red wing shoes

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