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When you need bag repairs, trust Yadi Shoe Repair. Bring your luxury hand bag in and we'll make it look brand new.

We can fix broken straps, replace locked or stuck zippers, repair lining, dye leathers and suedes to new colours, and many more repairs.

Bring in your bag for repair and trust Yadi to do a proper job.

When Do I Need to Repair My Bag?

When your bag is frayed from use and you need to fix blemishes and stains, we know what to do.

We repair bags by keeping various leather colours in stock to fix a variety of bags

We also keep hardware in stock including zipper-pulls, zipper teeth and clasps, rings and buckles.

What Does It Cost to Repair My Bag?

Depending on the model, it can cost anywhere from $15-$150 or more

Sometimes we can perform this service while you wait, but this is not always the case. Subject to availability, please call ahead if you need a while-you-wait service as we are not always able to accommodate this.

Can You Repair Louis Vuitton Bags?

Yes we can repair you Louis Vuitton or design brand hand bag, we do it all the time and love to make luxury items look brand new

We can even dye your bag to a new colour if you want something new to customize your look.

Can You Repair Briefcases?

Yes we can repair a briefcases and even select types of luggage

We can fix frayed edges and corners and repaint discoloured areas. We can also fix broken hardware and replace the closure mechanism in some cases.



Shoe Repair Apprenticing

If you're interested in becoming a cobbler or learning the art of shoe repair,
please contact us using the form below and we'll get in touch.


Brands We Love

Some of the brands we love to bag repairs on

Louis V bag repair

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