High Heel Repairs

When you need high heel repairs, trust Yadi Shoe Repair. Bring your heels in and we'll make them look great, including buffing out dirt and discoloured areas and touching up little scuffs. We'll also glue ripped leather or fabric around the point.

We can add rubber half soles (a grippy rubber pad) to the forefoot as well to give you more stability. Available in Louboutin red by Vibram outsoles, bring in your Christian Louboutin heels and we'll make them look like the first day you wore them!

When Do I Need to Resole My High Heels?

If you wear high heels a lot, the tip on the heel can be worn down to the end, making it hard to stand and potentially disatrous.

We repair high heels by replacing the heel tip with a brand new rubber one. 

Available in colours like black, brown and red.

What Does It Cost to Repair My High Heels?

Depending on the model, it can cost anywhere from $20-$45 or more

Sometimes we can perform this service while you wait, but this is not always the case. Subject to availability, please call ahead if you need a while-you-wait service as we are not always able to accommodate this.

Can You Repair Louboutins?

Yes we can resole your Christian Louboutin shoes with a matching red bottom sole.

We recommend you always apply a red half sole to your Louboutins, as the red coloured insole will be worn out at times.

Can You Resole With Vibram Outsoles?

Yes we offer a wide range of Vibram branded outsoles, please contact us to find out what shapes and colours we have available.

Vibram outsoles are usually in stock in black, and we can order a special style for you if you come in and chat with us.



Shoe Repair Apprenticing

If you're interested in becoming a cobbler or learning the art of shoe repair,
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