Luggage RepairsLuggage Repair

Bring us your damaged suitcases and luggage for repair and we will make them look like the first day you bought it. Repairing luggage is usually a daunting task, but we know what is possible and what isn't, just show us a photo and we'll give you a quote.

We love to repair high quality, well-made luggage from luxury brands.

We can buff out scuffs and marks, sometimes remove stains, sew on patches or reinforce straps. Sometimes we can also replace hardware like alligator clips and buckles.

When Should I Repair My Luggage?

When your luggage is in need of repair, you will know because it wont be as easy to use.

We can fix torn corners, unseize wheels, repair straps and hardware too!

Bring us your luggage and we can let you know if it is fixable and what the cost would be.

What Does It Cost to Repair My Luggage?

It depends on the nature of the work but generally our luggage repair prices start at $40

The cost for restoring your luggage always depends on the work required. Send us a photo and we'll let you know what it will cost to restore them.

Can You Restore Leather Luggage?

Yes we can restore your luxury leather luggage

Can You Change the Colour of My Luggage?

Yes we can recolour your luggage in the leather areas, we will be able to paint or dye those areas only.

Customize your luggage by choosing the colours you want us to paint the leather components and areas for you.

Shoe Repair Apprenticing

If you're interested in becoming a cobbler or learning the art of shoe repair,
please contact us using the form below and we'll get in touch.

Brands We Love

Some of the sneaker brands we love to restore

How Much Does It Cost To Repair My Luggage?

Let's find out! Just send us a photo.

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