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Trust Yadi Shoe Repair to repair your most expensive luxury footwear and leather goods.

 Our Core Services 

We offer a variety of shoe repairs and leather repairs spanning across a wide range of products. We've repaired all kinds of things from hockey pads, luggage, wallets, purses, handbags and more!


Replace the entire sole on your leather shoes with a new one. Choose from a vareity of options and colours to customize your outsole, midsole and colour.

High Heel & Sole Fix

Replace the heel tip on your high heel shoes or the sole if it has lost its grip. We have special Louboutin red outsoling for all your red bottom pairs.

Handbag Fixes

Fix broken or frayed straps, replace broken hardware, replace broken zippers, clean stains on the leather and more! We fix all handbags.

Birkenstock Repair

Bring in your Birkenstock sandals and we can replace the entire footbed with a brand new official Birkenstock one, as well as fix any hardware or straps.

Sneaker Silhouette

Sneaker Restoration

We can restore your sneakers to brand new condition with our specialty cleaning solvents that will make them look like the first day you wore them.

Luggage Repairs

Fix broken zippers, repair dents and dings, fix broken or torn straps, add special trims, fix broken wheels (not always possible) and bring your luggage back to life.

Cleaning Products

We sell a variety of shoe polishes, shoe shampoo, leather cleaners, suede brushes, salt removers, and specialty polish for dyed leathers of various colours.

Insole Replacement

Bring in your shoes and we can remove the insole and replace it with a new one from our shelf, we stock a wide variety of insoles and more!

Key Copying

Make copies of your house and mailbox keys in a variety of styles. We do not offer key FOB copies, only metal keys can be provided.

Shoe Stretching in Vaughan and Toronto

Shoe Stretching

We can stretch your shoes if they fit a bit too tight overall or even in specific areas. Just bring them in and we'll take care of it for you.

 Ordering Process 

Everything we do starts with a chat about your repair needs and a visual inspection. We'll let you know the cost once we see what we're working with. So come on by and let's have a chat, or use the convenient form below to send us a photo and we'll send you and email quote.

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